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Pain, Pride, and Politics: Social Movement Activism and the Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora in Canada
Pain, Pride, and Politics is an examination of diasporic politics based on a case study of Sri Lankan Tamils in Canada, with particular focus on activism between December 2008 and May 2009. AmarnathExpand
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Talking to Foreign Fighters: Insights into the Motivations for Hijrah to Syria and Iraq
ABSTRACT Little of the discussion of foreign fighters in Syria and Iraq is informed by primary data derived from talking with the foreign fighters. This article reports some initial findings fromExpand
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Jihadists on Social Media : A Critique of Data Collection Methodologies
In this article, we propose a general model of data collection from social media, in the context of terrorism research, focusing on recent studies of jihadists. By analyzing Twitter data collectionExpand
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Canadian Multiculturalism as Banal Nationalism: Understanding Everyday Meanings Among Sri Lankan Tamils in Toronto
Abstract: Multiculturalism is a contested concept and policy in the current context. Many European leaders have declared its failure, and scholars have traced a global backlash against multiculturalExpand
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Understanding fundamentalism: Christian, Islamic, and Jewish movements
When writing can change your life, when writing can enrich you by offering much money, why don't you try it? Are you still very confused of where getting the ideas? Do you still have no idea withExpand
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New age spirituality, quantum mysticism and self-psychology: changing ourselves from the inside out
I propose that Heinz Kohut's notions of the selfobject and transmuting internalization can be applied specifically to spiritual elements emerging out of a distinct interpretation of quantum physics.Expand
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Laughter the Best Medicine: Muslim Comedians and Social Criticism in Post-9/11 America
This paper explores the role that Muslim standup comedians are playing in breaking down cultural barriers, promoting inter-religious and inter-cultural dialogue, as well as tackling theExpand
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Religion and the New Atheism: A Critical Appraisal
Acknowledgements Foreword, Richard Harries Preface, Reza Aslan Introduction: What is the New Atheism?, Amarnath Amarasingam I. Religion and the New Atheism Judaism and Atheism: The Challenge ofExpand
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Touring “Terrorism”: Landscapes of Memory in Post-War Sri Lanka
The Sri Lankan state's power to narrate the war and characterize the enemy is an expression of “triumphalist nationalism” and is a selective remembering of war. Based on photographs taken duringExpand
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Religion and Ethnicity among Sri Lankan Tamil Youth in Ontario
The paper presents survey and interview data from twenty-five Sri Lankan Tamil youth in Ontario, specifically dealing with the interaction between religion and ethnicity, the experience andExpand
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