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We present the first results for neutral-kaon mixing using (2+1)-flavors of domain-wall fermions. A new approach is used to extrapolate to the physical up and down quark masses from our numerical studies with pion masses in the range 240-420 MeV; only SU(2)_{L}xSU(2)_{R} chiral symmetry is assumed and the kaon is not assumed to be light. Our main result is(More)
In the Standard Model (SM) the photon in radiative ¯ B 0 and ¯ B s decays is predominantly left-handed. Thus, mixing induced CP asymmetries in b → sγ and b → dγ are suppressed by m s /m b and m d /m b , respectively, and are very small. In many extensions of the SM, such as the left-right symmetric model (LRSM), SU(2) × U(1) models with exotic fermions and(More)
We show that it is possible to construct ǫ ′ /ǫ to NLO using partially quenched chiral perturbation theory (PQChPT) from amplitudes that are computable on the lattice. We demonstrate that none of the needed amplitudes require three-momentum on the lattice for either the full theory or the partially quenched theory; non-degenerate quark masses suffice.(More)
We report on our calculation of K → π vector form factor by numerical simulations of two-flavor QCD on a 16 3 × 32 × 12 lattice at a 0.12 fm using domain-wall quarks and DBW2 glue. Our preliminary result at a single sea quark mass correponding to m PS /m V 0.53 shows a good agreement with previous estimate in quenched QCD and that from a phenomenological(More)
We consider the production of gravitons via two photon and electron-photon fusion in Kaluza-Klein theories which allow TeV scale gravitational interactions. We show that at electron-positron colliders, the processes ℓ + ℓ − → ℓ + ℓ − + graviton, with ℓ = e, µ, can lead to a new signal of low energy gravity of the form ℓ + ℓ − → ℓ + ℓ − + missing energy(More)
We consider several hints for new physics involving CP-asymmetries in B-decays and interpret them in terms of generic contributions to effective Wilson coefficients. The effects we focus on are: the differences in the fitted value of sin 2β versus the ones directly measured via the time dependent CP asymmetries in B → J/ψK or via B → (φ, η ′)K; the(More)
We report the first lattice QCD calculation of the complex kaon decay amplitude A_{0} with physical kinematics, using a 32³×64 lattice volume and a single lattice spacing a, with 1/a=1.3784(68) GeV. We find Re(A_{0})=4.66(1.00)(1.26)×10(-7) GeV and Im(A_{0})=-1.90(1.23)(1.08)×10(-11) GeV, where the first error is statistical and the second systematic. The(More)
We study predictions for B physics in a class of warped extra dimension models recently introduced, where few ( approximately 3) TeV Kaluza-Klein masses are consistent with electroweak data due to custodial symmetry. As in the standard model (SM), flavor violations arise due to the heavy top quark leading to striking signals: (i) New physics contributions(More)