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Absfracf-Photosensitive benzocyclobutene (photo-BCB) is a class of photoimagable polymers developed for microelectronics under the trade name CycloteneTM with properties that we believe make it an attractive candidate for chronic implant applications. We report for the first time a complete microfabrication process of BCB polymer-based intracortical neural(More)
We briefly report recent results of a simple alternate method to improve mechanical stiffness of BCB polymer neural implant for surgical insertion into brain tissue, which uses coatings dissolvable in bio-fluids. We have studied three different coating materials such as thermo-reversible gel Poloxamer 407, glucose (C6H12O6) and regular table sugar that were(More)
MANET is collection of mobile nodes that can able to communicate with each other. Mobile nodes main purpose is to communicate and sharing the information over the network. As we know that MANET providing the support of real time application and multimedia application which can requires various aspects. These aspects are end to end delay, jitter and energy(More)
Failure of neural recording electrodes implanted in the brain is often attributed to the formation of glial scars around the implant. A leading cause of scar formation is the electrode material. Described below is an approach to evaluate the biocompatibility of novel electrode materials in a representative three-dimensional model. The model, brain slice(More)
There is a tremendous housing shortage in the world that can only be overcome by innovative designs and enlightened production management. This paper presents a method for fast erection of apartment housing units that have architectural flexibility, manufacturing flexibility, and erection flexibility. The paper describes innovative jointing methods for(More)