Amarjeet Kaur

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This study reports the isolation of 63 endophytic fungal isolates from two traditional medicinal plants, Ocimum sanctum and Sapindus detergens from different locations of Amritsar, India. The functional characterization of the fungi for their ability to produce anti bacterial and anti cancer agent was carried out. Sixteen strains were characterized at(More)
AIM To report the natural history and clinical course of zygomycosis from a single tertiary care centre in India where doctors maintain an institutional zygomycosis registry. METHODS The clinical and laboratory data collected prospectively from patients with antemortem diagnosis for invasive zygomycosis, and retrospectively from autopsy diagnosed cases,(More)
This study reports differential expression of endoglucanase (EG) and beta-glucosidase (betaG) isoforms of Aspergillus terreus. Expression of multiple isoforms was observed, in presence of different carbon sources and culture conditions, by activity staining of poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis gels. Maximal expression of four EG isoforms was observed in(More)
Beverage industry bio sludge proved to be toxic when given alone to earthworms even after stabilization for 15 days, therefore, it was mixed in various proportions with cattle dung. Best suitable mixture for highest survival, maximum growth and highest population buildup of Eisenia fetida was determined by observing mortality, growth rate, rate of cocoon(More)
Tubercular meningitis and intracranial tuberculomas are the two frequent manifestations of neurotuberculosis with their variable incidence in different countries. Brain stem tuberculomas are even more unusual, accounting for 2.5-8% of all intracranial tuberculomas. We present here six paediatric cases of brain stem tuberculosis, where well-formed(More)
Primary intraosseous orbital hemangiomas are rare tumors. Only 25 cases have been reported in the literature. Very few of them have multiple orbital bone involvement. We report a case with extensive involvement of the orbital roof, the medial and lateral walls of the orbit, and the lesser and greater wings of the sphenoid, and describe a unilateral(More)
Reactive oxygen species have been found to be responsible for the tissue injury caused in experimental pyelonephritis in mice. The extent of lipid peroxidation (as assayed by malondialdehyde formation) was found to be increased significantly (p less than .001) in the infected group as compared to the normal mice. Superoxide dismutase and catalase (oxygen(More)
Among 61 patients with AIDS seen in our hospital from February 1986 to June 1992, 38 (62%) had significant weight loss, 34 (56%) had fever of more than a month and 19 (31%) had chronic diarrhoea; 43 (70%) patients had at least one of the above symptoms. Tuberculosis diagnosed in 32 (52%) patients was the commonest secondary infection: 10 had only pulmonary,(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the variation of the menopause rating scale (MRS) scores with age, working/non-working and educated/uneducated status in a cohort of north-Indian subpopulation and to look for the possible reasons for the incurred variations. MRS is a well-known and validated instrument for assessing the frequency and intensity of menopausal symptoms. (More)
INTRODUCTION Cervical cancer is the commonest cancer among Indian women. High-risk human papillomavirus (HPV) detection holds the potential to be used as a tool to identify women, at risk for subsequent development of cervical cancer. There is a pressing need for identifying prevalence of asymptomatic cervical HPV infection in the local population. (More)