Amarjeet Kaur

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The systems and software development industry is characterized by a paradigm of project failure. One of the known contributing causes of these project failures is poor requirements engineering and management, which has been repeatedly and widely discussed and documented. But there are other factors also like poor project management practices, poor design(More)
Over the last two decades free-space optical communication (FSO) has become more and more interesting as an adjunct or alternative to radio frequency communication. In this paper, performance of free space optical (FSO) communication in the presence of atmospheric turbulence is presented. FSO system required free line of sight between the transmitter and(More)
Digital Watermarking offers techniques to hide watermarks into digital content to protect it from illegal copy or reproduction. Existing techniques based on spatial and frequency domain suffer from the problems of low Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR) of watermark and image quality degradation in varying degree. In earlier papers, the author proposed only(More)
Component Based Software Development is important area in software development. In this paper, we describe various algorithms and techniques for efficiently retrieval of components from the component repository. We discuss XNOR similarity function, clustering algorithms like k-mean, K-medoid, K-mode and supervised leaning algorithm like support vector(More)
Digital Watermarking is the act of hiding a message related to digital signal (i.e an image, song, and video) within the signal itself. Watermarking tries to hide a message related to the actual content of the digital image. This paper present two digital watermarking techniques for embedding a text watermark image into gray scale image. This proposed(More)
The present study shows the feasibility of a newly isolated strain Acinetobacter sp. B9 for concurrent removal of phenol and Cr (VI) from wastewater. The experiments were conducted in a batch reactor under aerobic conditions. Initially, when mineral salt solution was used as the culture medium, the strain was found to utilize phenol as sole carbon and(More)
Increasing automation in modern industry and deregulation has changed the requirements on Power Quality. Computer and process control equipment as well as drive converters are sensitive to deviations of the line voltage from the ideal sinusoidal. Voltage sags, harmonic distortion, flicker and interruption of power supply are the most common problems. In an(More)
In this paper on-chip square spiral inductors are designed using ANN modeling techniques. Layout geometries form the input of the ANN model and electrical quantities forms the output. The dependency of inductor performances such as inductance (L), quality factor (Q) and self-resonance frequency (SRF) on geometric dimensions are described. Spirals of wide(More)