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This study reports the isolation of 63 endophytic fungal isolates from two traditional medicinal plants, Ocimum sanctum and Sapindus detergens from different locations of Amritsar, India. The functional characterization of the fungi for their ability to produce anti bacterial and anti cancer agent was carried out. Sixteen strains were characterized at(More)
The present study aimed to retrospectively evaluate the usefulness of cell counter-based parameters and formulas in beta-thalassemia trait (BTT) detection. The study included 170 BTT cases (hemoglobin [Hb]A(2) >4.0% [0.04]) and 30 non-BTT cases (HbA(2), 2.3%-3.5% [0.02-0.04]). Depending on the hemoglobin level and iron deficiency, the BTT group was further(More)
This study reports differential expression of endoglucanase (EG) and beta-glucosidase (betaG) isoforms of Aspergillus terreus. Expression of multiple isoforms was observed, in presence of different carbon sources and culture conditions, by activity staining of poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis gels. Maximal expression of four EG isoforms was observed in(More)
In India, 48 mothers with at least one child aged less than 5 years living in two villages of Raipur Rani block in Haryana were interviewed to determine whether their beliefs and practices had changed after the diarrheal diseases control program was implemented. The researchers planned to use the findings to improve the program's promotional strategy. 23%(More)
INTRODUCTION Cervical cancer is the commonest cancer among Indian women. High-risk human papillomavirus (HPV) detection holds the potential to be used as a tool to identify women, at risk for subsequent development of cervical cancer. There is a pressing need for identifying prevalence of asymptomatic cervical HPV infection in the local population. (More)
Keeping in view the vast potential of endophytic fungi to produce bioactive molecules, this study aimed at isolating and screening endophytes for the production of acetylcholinesterase inhibitors. Fifty-four endophytic fungi were isolated from Ricinus communis and screened for their AChE inhibitory activity using Ellman's colorimetric assay method. Six(More)
AIM To report the natural history and clinical course of zygomycosis from a single tertiary care centre in India where doctors maintain an institutional zygomycosis registry. METHODS The clinical and laboratory data collected prospectively from patients with antemortem diagnosis for invasive zygomycosis, and retrospectively from autopsy diagnosed cases,(More)
A community-based epidemiological study on epilepsy was conducted in rural North India in 1992-94 to estimate the extent of the problem and to study the treatment seeking behaviour of epilepsy patients. A key informant-based survey was conducted by a social worker to enlist suspect epilepsy cases in catchment population (30,000) spreading over in 40(More)
The alphavbeta3 integrin, also known as vitronectin receptor, is an adhesive glycoprotein that promotes angiogenesis in the embryo and tumors such as melanoma. Integrin alphavbeta3 is one of the receptors for adenovirus and hantavirus. There is little information on the constitutive expression of this integrin especially in animal species that are used for(More)