Amarendra K. Sinha

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The soft X-ray reflectivity characterization of Mo/Si multilayer deposited by electron beam evaporation is discussed. The measurements are performed on Indus-1 synchrotron storage ring. The interdiffusion of two-layer materials in multilayer leads to the formation of interlayers. To understand the influence of interlayers and interfacial roughness on soft(More)
Water and nutrient availability for crop production are critical issues in (semi)arid regions. Unsaturated-zone Cl tracer data and nutrient (NO3 and PO4) concentrations were used to quantify recharge rates using the Cl mass balance approach and nutrient availability in the Thar Desert, Rajasthan, India. Soil cores were collected in dune/interdune settings(More)
Ionospheric scintillations of radio waves at lowlatitudes are associated with electron density irregularities. These irregularities are field-aligned and can provide excitation energy all along the field line to non-local field-aligned oscillations, such as the local field line oscillations. Eigenperiods of toroidal field line oscillations at low-latitudes,(More)
The dynamic spectrum of ULF waves from magnetic field data obtained by the elliptically orbiting Cluster satellites (with an apogee of 119 000 km, perigee of 19 000 km and the orbital period of 57 h) have been prepared in the frequency range 0 to 120 mHz when the satellite was near its perigee. The existence of field line oscillations, with increasing(More)
In the conventional method of measuring photon-energy albedo using a scintillation detector coupled with a multichannel analyzer, tedious efficiency correction by the inverse matrix method was needed. The indigenously designed proportional-response photon counter, with its detection efficiency proportional to energy of incident photons, was used in the(More)
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