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The magnitude of shear stimulus has been shown to determine the level of growth factor expression in cell culture. However, little is known regarding what effect shear level has on specific arterial wall remodeling events in vivo. We have hypothesized that the rate of luminal diameter change and specific remodeling events within the arterial wall layers are(More)
A 58-year-old Caucasian woman presented with a cystic lump behind the right ear that was clinically diagnosed as an infected sebaceous cyst. The lesion was treated with incision and drainage followed by antibiotics for 3 months. Because there was no resolution, a biopsy was performed that revealed a high grade angiosarcoma. She expired 2 months later.(More)
The seminal work of Mulliken and Glowacki in 1982 elucidated the histological differences between hemangiomas and vascular malformations: the former are characterized by endothelial cell proliferation, whereas the latter contain mature endothelial cells. Hemangiomas proliferate and then involute, whereas malformations remain stable in size, growing(More)
This anatomic study describes the course and intracranial relations of the hypoglossal n. in 32 cadavers. The rootlets of the nerve emerged as a fan-shaped distribution (23.44%) or in two bundles (76.56%) and converged towards the hypoglossal canal in the subarachnoid space before piercing the duramater. In 76.57% of cases the rootlets pierced the dura(More)
Duplications of the alimentary tract can occur from mouth to anus, and often are undetected until they present with complications. We report duplication of the cervical oesophagus presenting as dyspnoea and stridor in a two year old. In retrospect, this had been detected on ultrasound antenatally, but no specific diagnosis had been made. We review the(More)
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