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Identification of hypoperfused areas in myocardial perfusion single-photon emission tomography studies can be aided by bull's-eye representation of raw counts, lesion extent and lesion severity, the latter two being produced by comparison of the raw bull's-eye data with a normal data base. An artificial intelligence technique which is presently becoming(More)
Artificial neural networks are computer systems which can be trained to recognize similarities in patterns and which learn by example; one of the more straightforward types being the feed forward neural network (FFNN). We previously reported the use of FFNNs for classification of hypoperfusion patterns in bull's-eye representation of 201Tl single photon(More)
BACKGROUND The treadmill exercise test (TEST) is frequently used in patients with suspected ischaemic heart disease to establish a diagnosis and estimate future risk. However, its predictive value is poor. We aimed to investigate whether measurement of biochemical markers of myocardial injury could improve the diagnostic value of the procedure. MATERIAL(More)
Plackett-Burman randomization method is a conventional tool for variables randomization aiming at optimization. Bacterial Ghosts (BGs) preparation has been recently established using methods other than the E lysis gene. The protocol has been based mainly on using critical concentrations from chemical compounds able to convert viable cells to BGs. The(More)
Dynamic cardiomyoplasty is a new surgical technique that uses electrically stimulated skeletal muscle to partially replace or reinforce the heart muscle in the treatment of advanced heart failure. Clinical experience with cardiomyoplasty is limited, which has precluded definitive conclusions about its value. We have studied the effect of cardiomyoplasty on(More)
Recently, bacterial ghosts (BGs) were prepared using a protocol based on critical chemical concentrations. It has been given the name "sponge like" (SL) protocol and used in its reduced form "sponge like reduced protocol" (SLRP). While specific antibody for Salmonella is available on the market under the commercial names (of some kits) such as Febrile(More)
Twenty-four subjects with suspected ischaemic heart disease underwent a treadmill exercise stress test (TEST). Nine individuals developed ischaemia as defined by standard criteria. Total plasma antioxidant status (TPAS), and serum concentrations of vitamin E were measured pre-TEST, and 0, 1, 2, 4, 8 and 24 h following the treadmill test. Mean serum vitamin(More)
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