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When we design and develop a system, knowledge about the problem and solution is typically fragmented across a number of tools and models -- and the minds of the engineering team. Unified system modelling tools capture the overall problem and solution at a certain level of abstraction, but detailed knowledge and decisions remain scattered across multiple(More)
The use of fractal technique known as iterated function systems (IFS) is mostly restricted to image compression till date. In this paper, we propose an automated face recognition system that operates in the fractal domain. This leads to an advantage towards handling large database of face images, which are compactly stored in terms of fractal codes. It is(More)
Large projects such as Square Kilometer Array comprise of distributed teams developing parts of the control system. To exchange design thinking early in the development life cycle, teams use SysML based tools to capture design in a structured form. Since SysML is unaware of the application domain it is unable to reason about these designs created across(More)
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