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Research in individual differences and in particular, learning and cognitive style, has become a basis to consider learner preferences in a web-based educational context. How learner’s learning style influences his/her navigation behavior has been investigated by several studies, which indicate that we can deduce the learning style from the navigation(More)
Automatic correction of misspelled words means offering a single proposal to correct a mistake, for example, switching two letters, omitting letter or a key press. In Arabic, there are some typical common errors based on letter errors, such as confusing in the form of Hamza ةزمھ, confusion between Daad داض and Za ءاظ, and the omission dots with Yeh ءای and(More)
In this paper, we describe an automatic learning styles detection approach of learners in e-learning platform from observable indicators relating to their browsing and interactions. Based on the work in the fields of learning styles, user modelling, and track analysis, we propose a classification of learning style that encompasses different styles models(More)
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In this paper we propose an educational asynchronous learning environment which makes students more interactive in learning process. Our system lets students collaborate among them in order to construct their knowledge as much as possible and to find solutions of many problems that occur during learning. In this paper, we focus on question and answer(More)
Identifying learners’ behaviors and learning preferences or styles in a Web-based learning environment is crucial for organizing the tracking and specifying how and when assistance is needed. Moreover, it helps online course designers to adapt the learning material in a way that guarantees individualized learning, and helps learners to acquire(More)
The aim of our research is to automatically deduce the learning style from the analysis of browsing behaviour. To find how to deduce the learning style, we are investigating, in this paper, the relationships between the learner‟s navigation behaviour and his/her learning style in web-based learning. To explore this relation, we carried out an experiment(More)
The use of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) to activate distance education courses has made it possible to create new ways of training, certainly more efficiently and potentially more effectively. Internet, and in particular the World Wide Web, is becoming a learning space which is used increasingly in several educational contexts from(More)