Amapola Autillo-Touati

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Kv1 channels are concentrated at specific sites in the axonal membrane, where they regulate neuronal excitability. Establishing these distributions requires regulated dissociation of Kv1 channels from the neuronal trafficking machinery and their subsequent insertion into the axonal membrane. We find that the auxiliary Kvβ2 subunit of Kv1 channels purified(More)
The axon initial segment (AIS) plays a key role in maintaining the molecular and functional polarity of the neuron. The relationship between the AIS architecture and the microtubules (MTs) supporting axonal transport is unknown. Here we provide evidence that the MT plus-end-binding (EB) proteins EB1 and EB3 have a role in the AIS in addition to their MT(More)
BACKGROUND Ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) requires early diagnosis and adequate antibiotic therapy. The aim of this prospective postmortem study was to assess the accuracy of direct examination and quantification of intracellular organisms (ICO) for the diagnosis of VAP. METHODS Total and differential cell counts were performed on fluids recovered(More)
Mesencephalic neurons were cultured from 2 to 5 days in mesencephalic (CM Gmes) or striatal (CM Gstr) astrocyte conditioned media or in the soluble (S100) and insoluble (P100) fractions prepared from these media by ultracentrifugation. CM Gmes as well as all soluble fractions induced dendritic and axonal elongation, whereas CM Gstr and the insoluble(More)
BACKGROUND Mechanical ventilation using tidal volumes around 10 ml/kg and zero positive end-expiratory pressure is still commonly used in anesthesia. This strategy has been shown to aggravate lung injury and inflammation in preinjured lungs but not in healthy lungs. In this study, the authors investigated whether this strategy would result in lung injury(More)
The aim of this six-centre, split-sample study was to compare ThinPrep fluid-based cytology to the conventional Papanicolaou smear. Six cytopathology laboratories and 35 gynaecologists participated. 5428 patients met the inclusion criteria (age > 18 years old, intact cervix, informed consent). Each cervical sample was used first to prepare a conventional(More)
We investigated the potential inflammatory reaction induced by mechanical ventilation (MV) using 10 ml/kg tidal volume and no positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) in control (C, n = 8), spontaneously breathing (SB, n = 12) and mechanically ventilated (MV, n = 12) rabbits with normal lungs. After 6 h (MV and SB groups) or immediately (C group), lungs were(More)
Mesencephalic neurons were cultured for 2 days on mesencephalic or striatal astrocyte monolayers. The morphology of these neurons was studied in electron microscopy. The number of dendritic profiles was higher on mesencephalic astrocytes (homotopic neuro-astroglial co-cultures) than on striatal astrocytes (heterotopic co-cultures). This increase in the(More)
Expression of the voltage-dependent sodium channel has been analysed in adult rat central nervous system by Northern blotting and in situ hybridization. Northern blots showed that all the territories studied express beta 2 transcripts, albeit with widely varying levels (with cerebellum >> hippocampus > brain > brainstem > spinal cord). In situ hybridization(More)