Amani T. Jamal

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A UML Framework for OLAP Conceptual Modeling Amani Jamal Data warehouses are used by organizations around the world to store huge volumes of historical data. Ultimately, the purpose of the warehouse is to allow decision makers to assess both the history and, more importantly, the future of the organization. In practice, the capacity to make meaningful(More)
Data confidentiality is critical for communication, which is generally achieved only by data encryption. In this paper, we proposed a hybrid data hiding approach that uses the crypto-steganography method for Uyghur script. This approach first hides the decimal values of the message letters upon the encryption with a secret key table. The decimal values are(More)
complies with the regulations of the University and meets the accepted standards with respect to originality and quality. Word segmentation is an important task for many methods that are related to document understanding especially word spotting and word recognition. Several approaches of word segmentation have been proposed for Latin-based languages while(More)
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