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complies with the regulations of the University and meets the accepted standards with respect to originality and quality. Word segmentation is an important task for many methods that are related to document understanding especially word spotting and word recognition. Several approaches of word segmentation have been proposed for Latin-based languages while(More)
Demographic, life-style, and sexual behavior characteristics of a random cluster sample of virgin (n = 605) and nonvirgin (n = 321) students recruited from three high schools in Toronto, Ontario (Canada) in 1994 were compared. The mean age at first intercourse among nonvirgins was 13.76 years for males and 14.8 years for females. 19% of virgins reported(More)
The author has granted a non-exclusive license allowing Library and Archives Canada to reproduce, publish, archive, preserve, conserve, communicate to the public by telecommunication or on the Internet, loan, distribute and sell theses worldwide, for commercial or non-commercial purposes, in microform, paper, electronic and/or any other formats. L'auteur a(More)
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