Amani Georges

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In many turtles, the temperature experienced during the middle of egg incubation determines the sex of the offspring. The implication of steroid sex hormones as the proximate trigger for sex determination opens the possibility that endocrine-disrupting contaminants may also influence the outcome of sexual differentiation. In this study we investigate the(More)
  • Nimaga Daouda, Kouadio James Halbin, Nindjin Charlemagne, Tetchi Fabrice Achille, Amani Georges
  • 2014
The conservation of fresh kolanuts by farmers in Africa poses a veritable problem occasioning enormous economic loss. Fungicide epoxiconazole has been found as best way to reduce or avoid mould and mycotoxins secretion. In the aim to evaluate the bio-persistence of its residue in kolanuts, the present study has been carried out by treatment of kolanuts with(More)
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