Amani Chaker

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Keywords: Power distribution systems Reliability Centred Maintenance RCM Analysis of failure modes effects and criticality Optimization Modeling Costs a b s t r a c t Today's electricity distribution systems operate in a liberalized market. These systems should therefore be able to provide electricity to customers with a high degree of reliability and be(More)
— In this paper, we are interested in studying the impact of the compression on the performances of some wavelet-based retrieval systems. Firstly, we show that the quantization operation of JPEG2000 has a negative effect on the performance of these content-based image retrieval systems for a given feature extraction method. Moreover, in this work, we aim at(More)
The authors express the Boussinesq equations of the laminar thermal and natural convection, in the case of permanent and bidimensional flow, in an annular space between two confocal elliptic cylinders. A new calculation code using the finite volumes with the primitive functions (velocity-pressure formulation) and the elliptic coordinates system is proposed.(More)
With the great demand for storing and transmitting images as well as their managing, the retrieval of compressed images is a field of intensive research. While most of the works have been devoted to the case of losslessly encoded images (by extracting features from the unquantized transform coefficients), new studies have shown that lossy compression has a(More)