Amandine Launay

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À l’heure où nos contemporains développent leur intérêt et leur confiance pour les plantes médicinales, les compléments alimentaires, et plus généralement la phytothérapie, la réédition de l’ouvrage de Jean Bruneton arrive à point nommé, dans un contexte économique florissant pour ces produits d’origine végétale. Depuis la parution de la quatrième édition,(More)
As for many crops, new high-quality grapevine varieties requiring less pesticide and adapted to climate change are needed. In perennial species, breeding is a long process which can be speeded up by gaining knowledge about quantitative trait loci linked to agronomic traits variation. However, due to the long juvenile period of these species, establishing(More)
Expression quantitative locus (eQTL) mapping was proposed as a valuable approach to dissect the genetic basis of transcript variation, one of the prime causes of natural phenotypic variation. Few eQTL studies have been performed on woody species due to the difficulty in sample homogenisation. Based on previous knowledge on berry colour formation, we(More)
Voilà un nouveau petit guide qui remet au gout du jour un remède ancestral : la tisane. L’auteur, pharmacien, repositionne l’infusion de plantes médicinales comme une préparation « moderne et efficace » pour peu que l’on effectue les bons choix en matière de plantes et de son support principal, l’eau. Dix-sept grandes plantes incontournables ont été(More)
BACKGROUND Pain centers manage only selected patients, and have long waiting lists. Some patients spontaneously send letters, before the visit, and these letters represent the first contact between the patients and the pain centers. We report a study of the content and format of these letters, for a patient perspective analysis. METHODS During a 3(More)
The MybA1 gene in the genus Vitis encodes a transcription factor, belonging to the R2R3 Myb family, that controls the last steps in the anthocyanins biosynthesis pathway. Polymorphism within MybA1 has been associated with color variation in berries of V. vinifera and other Vitis species. In this work, we analyzed the sequence variation in MybA1 both in the(More)
Physicochemical simulation (pH, electrolytes and temperature) of three physiological media was carried out in order to follow the release of trace elements contained in seven edible clays (mainly kaolinite, illite, muscovite and quartz) collected from the West African countries of Côte d'Ivoire, Guinée and Sénégal. These clays are ingested by pregnant women(More)
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