Amandine Elie

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The striatum is known to play a primary role in procedural learning. In this study, the authors simultaneously assessed the effects of two antipsychotic drugs on procedural learning and on striatal dopamine (D2) receptor occupancy. Twenty-seven patients receiving either olanzapine or haloperidol as antipsychotic medication were assessed with the Computed(More)
A new case of bilateral frontal extra dural hematoma following ventricular decompression during posterior fossa exploration is reported. Hazards of such ventricular drainage are discussed with a review of relevant literature. The authors emphasize the role of non communicating hydrocephaly in pathogenesis of these complications.
It is impossible to tell the exact prognosis of the patients affected with neuroglial cerebral tumors which are being treated with cytostatic chemotherapy. This impossibility has made it necessary to repeat the different examinations given before and during the treatment of 45 patients. We contemplate a series of clinical, immunological, biological,(More)
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