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The clash of Titans: France, Germany and the discursive double game of EMU reform
ABSTRACT This paper investigates why and how French and German leaders converged on an agreement for reforming the European Monetary Union in response to the outbreak of the debt crisis in Europe. ToExpand
From Euroscepticism to Resistance to European Integration: An Interdisciplinary Perspective
Abstract This article aims at contributing to the ongoing academic debate about European integration. It stresses the need for an interdisciplinary approach rooted in history and political science.Expand
What “Brussels” means by structural reforms: empty signifier or constructive ambiguity?
This paper deals with the ideas underpinning the EU’s socio-economic governance by focusing on the notion of structural reforms in the framework of the European Semester. It asks which policy ideasExpand
New Parliament, New Cleavages after the Eastern Enlargement? The Conflict Over the Services Directive as an Opposition between the Liberals and the Regulators
This article analyses the parliamentary debates and decision-making related to the highly contentious EU directive on services. It is intended as a contribution to the academic debate on politicalExpand
When ‘Bolkestein’ is trapped by the French anti-liberal discourse: a discursive-institutionalist account of preference formation in the realm of European Union multi-level politics
This paper investigates the bottom-up preference formation over the draft Directive over services liberalization and its impact on co-decision at the European Union (EU) level from the theoreticalExpand
Dissent over the European Constitutional Treaty within the French Socialist Party: Between Response to Anti-Globalization Protest and Intra-Party Tactics
More than 2 years after the failed French referendum on the European constitutional treaty (ECT), this paper puts contention over Europe within the French left in perspective both in the context ofExpand
Welfare Markets in Europe: The Democratic Challenge of European Integration
This book explores the European welfare model, arguing that the rollout of European policies for welfare services has led to increased marketization. The author argues that the rise of profit-makingExpand
Commission Entrepreneurship and the Debasing of Social Europe Before and After the Eurocrisis
The bulk of the literature on ‘social Europe’ has suggested that social policy at the level of the EU remains to be characterized by the interplay of courts and markets. While we do not disagree withExpand
A Dialogue of the Deaf? Conflicting Discourses over the EU and Services Liberalisation in the WTO
Research Highlights and Abstract The role of the European Union (EU) in services liberalisation—and the impact thereof on the provision of services of general interest—has been highly contentiousExpand
Deliberative Democracy and the Legitimacy of the European Union: A Reappraisal of Conflict
Connecting the relevant literature in sociology, political theory and European studies with original empirical research, this article calls for a reappraisal of conflict when addressing the issue ofExpand