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Voice analysis for disease detection is a very important research topic in bio medical engineering. This process is non invasive and reliable. In this paper , For comparison of asthma and healthy persons speech records of five vowels /a/, /i/, /e/, /o/, /u/ have been used. Some acoustic voice parameters jitter, shimmer, harmonic to noise ratio (HNR), noise(More)
Till date, an exact causative pathway responsible for neurodegeneration in Huntington’s disease (HD) remains elusive; however, mitochondrial dysfunction appears to play an important role in HD pathogenesis. Therefore, strategies to attenuate mitochondrial impairments could provide a potential therapeutic intervention. In the present study, we used curcumin(More)
Poaching is a serious threat to the conservation of key species and whole ecosystems. While conducting foot patrols is the most commonly used approach in many countries to prevent poaching, such patrols often do not make the best use of limited patrolling resources. To remedy this situation, prior work introduced a novel emerging application called PAWS(More)
Leptin reduces body weight in ob/ob mice by decreasing food intake and increasing energy expenditure; however, the mechanisms by which it does the latter are not known. Here we report that 30% of the weight loss induced by leptin treatment of ob/ob mice is due to changes in energy expenditure. In assessing leptin's effects on specific tissues, we found that(More)
This paper presents a systematic, hierarchical, optimization based semi-formal equivalence checking methodology for large analog/mixed signal systems such as PLLs, ADCs and I/O's. We verify the equivalence between a behavioral model and its electrical implementation over a limited, but highly likely, input space defined as the Constrained Behavioral Input(More)
— It has been well known that the suitable criteria for Space time trellis codes (STTC) designed over slow Nakagami fading channel for product of rank and number of receiver antennas) are maximization of minimum rank and maximize the minimum product of nonzero eigenvalues for rank and determinant criteria. But for large product i.e. for), the design of(More)
—As voice, multimedia, and data services are converging to IP, there is a need for a new networking architecture to support future innovations and applications. Users are consuming Internet services from multiple devices that have multiple network interfaces such as Wi-Fi, LTE, Bluetooth, and possibly wired LAN. Such diverse network connectivity can be used(More)
—Content-centric networks promise to address content networking issues in a better way than today's host-based networking architecture. But content-centric networking does not inherently address the issue of services, particularly service scalability and mobility. We present our work on CCNxServ, a system that allows for dynamic service deployment and(More)
There is a huge amount of data spread across the web and stored in databases that we can use to build knowledge graphs. However, exploiting this data to build knowledge graphs is difficult due to the heterogeneity of the sources, scale of the amount of data, and noise in the data. In this paper we present an approach to building knowledge graphs by(More)