Amanda Wilson

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Communication impairments pose a major threat to an individual's quality of life. However, the impact of visual impairments on communication is not well understood, despite the important role that vision plays in the perception of speech. Here we present 2 experiments examining the impact of discrete central scotomas on speech perception. In the first(More)
BACKGROUND What study participants think about the nature of a study has been hypothesised to affect subsequent behaviour and to potentially bias study findings. In this trial we examine the impact of awareness of study design and allocation on participant drinking behaviour. METHODS/DESIGN A three-arm parallel group randomised controlled trial design(More)
BACKGROUND TO THE DEBATE In December 2004 three news stories in the popular press suggested that the side effects of single-dose nevirapine, which has been proven to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV, had been covered up. Many HIV experts believed that the stories were unwarranted and that they would undermine use of the drug, leading to a rise in(More)
Under the Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) in Scotland, newer approaches such as games-based learning and games-based construction are being adopted to motivate and engage students. Construction of computer games is seen by some to be a highly motivational and practical approach at engaging children at Primary Education (PE) level in computer programming(More)
BACKGROUND Studies have persistently shown deficiencies in medical reporting by the mainstream media. We have been monitoring the accuracy and comprehensiveness of medical news reporting in Australia since mid 2004. This analysis of more than 1200 stories in the Australian media compares different types of media outlets and examines reporting trends over(More)
The Scratch system was designed to enable computing novices, without much programming experience , to develop their creativity, make multimedia products, and share them with their friends and on a social media website. It can also be used to introduce programming to novices. In this initial study, we used Scratch to teach some elementary programming to(More)
Others who submitted comments and suggestions for the final product were: iii Statistical tests used for this revision were designed and executed by: TimMax, USFS PNW We gratefully acknowledge the original ideas and some of the text provided by authors of previous versions of the inland survey protocol, specifically the leadership of C. iv LIST OF FIGURES(More)
The news media have a crucial role in supporting health literacy, and multiple surveys have shown the extent to which the public relies on them for information about medical advances [1,2]. However, the mainstream media are undergoing rapid and unprecedented change, with a shift from the traditional outlets (broadsheet newspapers and flagship current(More)
BACKGROUND Internet research may raise older ethical issues in new forms or pose new issues. It has been recommended that debriefing information online be kept very short, with further information including study results made available if requested by participants. There are no empirical studies that compare possible alternative methods of debriefing in(More)