Amanda Vizedom

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Cycorp has developed a knowledge acquisition system, based on Cyc, that can engage a user in a natural-language mixed-initiative dialogue. In order to achieve a intelligent dialogue with the user, it employs explicit topicand user-modeling, a system of prioritized interactions, and a transparent agenda to which either the user or the system can add(More)
The goal of the Ontology Summit 2010 was to address the current shortage of persons with ontology expertise by developing a strategy for the education of ontologists. To achieve this goal we studied how ontologists are currently trained, the requirements identified by organizations that hire ontologists, and developments that might impact the training of(More)
Leo Obrst a,∗, Michael Gruninger b, Ken Baclawski c, Mike Bennett d, Dan Brickley e, Gary Berg-Cross f, Pascal Hitzler g, Krzysztof Janowicz h, Christine Kapp i, Oliver Kutz j, Christoph Lange k, Anatoly Levenchuk l, Francesca Quattri m, Alan Rector n, Todd Schneider o, Simon Spero p, Anne Thessen q, Marcela Vegetti r, Amanda Vizedom s, Andrea Westerinen t,(More)
The principal goal of the summit was to bring together and foster collaboration between the ontology community, systems engineering community, and stakeholders in Big Systems. The common thread that emerged for Big Systems and Big Data was models and modeling; the status of models as an authoritative source of information for these systems; the need to have(More)
Uncertainty propagation in a level 2 high level information fusion (HLIF) process is affected by a number of considerations. These include the varying complexities of the various types of level 2 HLIF. Five different types are identified, ranging from simple entity attribute refinement using situation status data to the development of a complete situation(More)
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