Amanda Verpoorte

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While complex dynamic biological networks control gene expression in all living organisms, the forward engineering of comparable synthetic networks remains challenging. The current paradigm of characterizing synthetic networks in cells results in lengthy design-build-test cycles, minimal data collection, and poor quantitative characterization. Cell-free(More)
While complex dynamic biological networks control gene expression and metabolism in all living 16 organisms, engineering comparable synthetic networks remains challenging 1,2. Conducting extensive, 17 quantitative and rapid characterization during the design and implementation process of synthetic networks 18 is currently severely limited due to cumbersome(More)
Many cartilage tissue engineering approaches aim to differentiate human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs) into chondrocytes and develop cartilage in vitro by targeting cell-matrix interactions. We sought to better inform the design of cartilage tissue engineering scaffolds by understanding how integrin expression changes during chondrogenic differentiation. In(More)
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