Amanda Tanner

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Current work on hooking up—or casual sexual activity on college campuses—takes an indi-vidualistic, " battle of the sexes " approach and underestimates the importance of college as a classed location. The authors employ an interactional, intersectional approach using longitudinal ethnographic and interview data on a group of college women's sexual and(More)
Bacillus subtilis has been shown to express a cytosolic oxalate decarboxylase (EC The enzyme was induced in acidic growth media, particularly at pH 5.0, but not by oxalate. The enzyme was purified, and N-terminal sequencing identified the protein to be encoded by yvrK. The role of the first oxalate decarboxylase to be identified in a prokaryote is(More)
This article explains why rates of sexual assault remain high on college campuses. Data are from a study of college life at a large midwestern university involving nine months of ethnographic observation of a women's floor in a " party dorm, " in-depth interviews with 42 of the floor residents, and 16 group interviews with other students. We show that(More)
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