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Anastomotic intimal hyperplasia occurred exclusively at the heel and the toe plus the floor of the distal end-to-side anastomosis of canine autologous femoro-femoral bypass (n = 14) and not in the end-to-end carotid or femoral interposition graft (n = 14). The occurrence of anastomotic intimal hyperplasia in the absence of compliance mismatch in an(More)
The expression of O- and N-glycan chains during the enterocytic differentiation of HT-29 cells was followed using L-[63H]-fucose and D-[6-3H]-glucosamine radiolabeling. Whatever the cell population, i.e., differentiated or undifferentiated, the incorporation of radiolabeled sugars into glycoproteins was similar. However, differences among these two cell(More)
Purpose: Gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) have been shown to enhance the local radiation dose in vitro<lb>and in vivo due to its high Z value. Challenges arise when delivering AuNPs into the tumour. Microbubbles in an ultrasound field at therapeutic conditions can increase the permeability of the<lb>phospholipid membrane and allow therapeutic agents to cross the(More)
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