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Snakes which had been killed and brought to hospital with the patients they had bitten were collected in 80 district and provincial hospitals throughout 67 provinces in Thailand in order to establish the geographical distribution and relative medical importance of the venomous species. Of the 1631 snakes collected, 1145 were venomous: Malayan pit vipers(More)
BACKGROUND The transfer of information between general practitioners (GPs) and their out-of-hours providers on vulnerable patient groups is essential to ensure continuity of care. This will be critical when, in 2006, NHS Direct will triage and route all out-of-hours calls. This study investigates the current use of information handover systems for(More)
Three specimens of an apparently rare pit viper, Trimeresurus kanburiensis, previously known only from the holotype collected in 1928, were found near Kanchanaburi in western Thailand. One of the snakes had bitten a young woman on the foot. She experienced severe local pain, swelling that involved the whole of the bitten limb and beyond, local bruising,(More)
PURPOSE Previous research has confirmed the inability of flight nurses in an airborne BO-105 helicopter to hear breath sounds using normal or amplified transthoracic stethoscopy. The purpose of this study was to determine whether esophageal stethoscopy enabled effective auscultation of breath sounds in a simulated in-flight environment. METHODS The(More)
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