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Although ABVD (doxorubicin, bleomycin, vinblastine, dacarbazine) chemotherapy is infrequently associated with premature amenorrhea, little is known about the success rate of women attempting pregnancy following ABVD. In the present study females treated for HL with ABVD chemotherapy without pelvic radiation therapy (RT) and who were alive without relapse >(More)
C3H/RV mice, which are genetically resistant to lethal flaviviral infection were susceptible to lethal challenge with Banzi virus after they were given rabbit antiserum to mouse thymocytes. Congenic C3H/He mice, which are genetically susceptible to lethal flaviviral infection, were protected from lethal challenge with Banzi virus by adoptive immunization(More)
Disturbance of T cell-mediated immunity has been reported in acute visceral leishmaniasis (AVL). In a study of 16 patients with AVL, defective production of interleukin-1 (IL-1) by peripheral blood mononuclear cells was demonstrated in response to leishmania antigens, heat-killed Listeria organisms, and lipopolysaccharide when compared to posttherapy values(More)
An epidemic of Ebola virus disease (EVD) beginning in 2013 has claimed an estimated 11 310 lives in West Africa. As the EVD epidemic subsides, it is important for all who participated in the emergency Ebola response to reflect on strengths and weaknesses of the response. Such reflections should take into account perspectives not usually included in(More)
Social buffering is characterized by attenuation of stress in the presence of others, with supportive individuals providing superior buffering. We were interested in learning if the implied presence of a supportive entity, God, would reduce acute stress. Participants were randomly assigned to one of three conditions: prayer, encouraging self-talk, and(More)
During infection with Banzi virus, splenic thymus-derived cells of C3H/RV mice developed immunologically specific cytotoxicity for Banzi virus-infected, C3H-derived L 929 fibroblasts. Cytotoxic activity was detected by six days after viral inoculation, was maximal by eight days, and decreased to background levels by 16 days. There was no consistently(More)
Different testing environments and software change characteristics can affect the choice of regression testing techniques. In our prior work, we developed adaptive regression testing (ART) strategies to investigate this problem. While the ART strategies showed promising results, we also found that the multiple criteria decision making processes required for(More)
Structural coverage criteria are commonly used to determine the adequacy of a test suite. However, studies investigating structural coverage and fault-finding capabilities have mixed results. Some studies have shown generating test suites to satisfy structural coverage criteria has a positive effect on finding faults, while other studies show the opposite.(More)
CONTEXT Globally, low and middle-income countries are home to 70% of cancer deaths and 99% of HIV deaths, but they consume just 7% of opioid analgesics. OBJECTIVE The American Cancer Society's Treat the Pain program partners with governments in low and middle-income countries to improve access to high-quality essential pain medicines. METHOD Treat the(More)
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