Amanda Roshier

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A discrete membranous layer, “stratum membranosum”, in human subcutaneous tissue is classically described as confined to the lower anterior abdominal wall and perineum and referred to as Scarpa’s and Colles’ fasciae, respectively. Evidence for its existence elsewhere in the body is scanty and therefore the present study was undertaken. Dissection of six(More)
Veterinarians are professionals considered to be at the forefront of animal welfare, including behaviour medicine. However, concerns raised, both within the profession and without, highlight that the support offered is not optimal, due to deficiencies in veterinary training, which focuses on physical aspects and overlooks psychological aspects. This(More)
The veterinary profession recently acknowledged its responsibility to provide behaviour support, following criticism for focussing on the physiological aspects of welfare and overlooking the psychological. To further understand the practising of behavioural medicine, a 'fly-on-the-wall' approach was used to investigate welfare discussions during dog booster(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of our study was to use a student-centred approach to develop an online video learning resource (called 'Moo Tube') at the School of Veterinary Medicine and Science, University of Nottingham, UK and also to provide guidance for other academics in the School wishing to develop a similar resource in the future. METHODS A focus group(More)
The application of ultrasound in the imaging of the neck has primarily focussed on anterior structures (e.g., thyroid gland). Structures located on the posterior aspect of the neck have received little attention. This study illustrates the capability of modern ultrasound equipment in visualising the musculoligamentous structures of the neck, particularly(More)
Animal-Computer Interaction (ACI) is a new and quickly developing discipline, which is closely related to HCI and is making reference to some of its theoretical frameworks and research methodologies. The first edition of the Workshop on Research Methods in ACI (RM4ACI) was co-located with the Third International Conference on Animal-Computer Interaction,(More)
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