Amanda Rosen

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To test whether naturally occurring markets can be strategically manipulated, $500 and $1,000 bets were made, then canceled, at horse racing tracks. The net effects of these costless temporary bets give clues about how market participants react to information large bets might contain. The bets moved odds on horses visibly (compared to matched-pair control(More)
This study explored on-line processing of local syntactic dependencies in normal subjects and in Broca's and Wernicke's aphasics using a lexical decision paradigm. In addition, subjects performed a grammatically judgement task on the real word pairs used in the lexical decision tasks. Results of two experiments for normal subjects indicated different(More)
For what is believed to be for the first time, the dynamic study of wireless intracranial pressure measurements in a swine model of traumatic brain injury is described. This achieves an extremely important milestone , since the measurements demonstrate the system's robustness, and the feasibility of acquiring wireless readings of the intracranial pressure(More)
Solving a problem with an "a-ha" effect is known as insight. Unlike incremental problem solving, insight is sudden and unique, and the question about its distinct brain activity, intrigues many researchers. In this study, electroencephalogram signals were recorded from 12 right handed, human participants before (baseline) and while they solved a spatial(More)
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