Amanda R Saffell

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Marijuana substitutes often contain blends of multiple psychoactive synthetic cannabinoids (SCBs), including the prevalent SCBs (1-pentyl-1H-indole-3-yl)-1-naphthalenyl-methanone (JWH-018) and (1-butyl-1H-indole-3-yl)-1-naphthalenyl-methanone (JWH-073). Because SCBs are frequently used in combinations, we hypothesized that coadministering multiple SCBs(More)
This pilot study assessed the effectiveness of a National Center for Healthy Housing training model on understanding common hazards. An additional objective was to look at local interest in establishing a healthy homes training program in Arkansas. The study involved an intensive 2-day training model with the use of pre- and post-surveys of 69 participants(More)
Relative housing condition has been shown to correlate to the health of its occupants. While unhealthy homes affect those from all income levels, geographical areas and cultures or ethnic groups, studies frequently link poorer quality housing to low socioeconomic status. Several factors seem to justify the creation of a State Healthy Homes program. These(More)
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