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Cell-type-specific circuit connectivity of hippocampal CA1 revealed through Cre-dependent rabies tracing.
We developed and applied a Cre-dependent, genetically modified rabies-based tracing system to map direct synaptic connections to specific CA1 neuron types in the mouse hippocampus. We found commonExpand
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Genetic cell targeting uncovers specific neuronal types and distinct subregions in the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis
The bed nucleus of the stria terminalis (BNST) plays an important role in fear, stress, and anxiety. It contains a collection of subnuclei delineated by gross cytoarchitecture features; however,Expand
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Functional Consequences of Synapse Remodeling Following Astrocyte-Specific Regulation of Ephrin-B1 in the Adult Hippocampus
Astrocyte-derived factors can control synapse formation and functions, making astrocytes an attractive target for regulating neuronal circuits and associated behaviors. Abnormal astrocyte-neuronalExpand
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Title : Cell-Type-Specific Circuit Connectivity of Hippocampal CA 1 Revealed through Cre-Dependent Rabies Tracing
A University of California author or department has made this article openly available. Thanks to the Academic Senate's Open Access Policy, a great many UC-authored scholarly publications will now beExpand
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Astrocytic Ephrin-B1 Controls Synapse Formation in the Hippocampus During Learning and Memory
Astrocytes play a fundamental role in synapse formation, pruning, and plasticity, which are associated with learning and memory. However, the role of astrocytes in learning and memory is stillExpand
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Astrocytic Ephrin-B1 Controls Excitatory-Inhibitory Balance in Developing Hippocampus
Astrocytes are implicated in synapse formation and elimination, which are associated with developmental refinements of neuronal circuits. Astrocyte dysfunctions are also linked to synapse pathologiesExpand