Amanda Pires Souza

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Based on cytoarchitectonic criteria, the primate pulvinar nucleus has been subdivided into medial (PM), lateral (PL), and inferior (PI) regions. However, these subdivisions show no correlation with those established by electrophysiological, immunocytochemical, or neuroanatomical tracer studies. In this work, we studied the connections of the pulvinar(More)
1. In the present study, we investigated the influence of the pulvinar nucleus upon response properties of single cells in the second visual area (V2) of Cebus monkeys. The method used consisted of the inactivation of a portion of the lateral pulvinar by GABA injections while studying the response properties of cells in V2 at the same visuotopic location as(More)
In a previous study about low-level laser therapy biomodulation on a full-thickness burn model we showed that single and fractionated dose regimens increased wound healing and leukocyte influx similarly when compared with untreated control. In order to verify if this finding would be similar in an impaired wound model, we investigated the effect of single(More)
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