Amanda Paulino De Arcanjo

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Mitotic and meiotic chromosomes of several populations of Eurysternus caribaeus (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) were analysed through conventional staining, C-banding, base-specific fluorochromes, silver nitrate staining and fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH). All specimens showed 2n = 8 in their karyotypes, with a neo-XY sex system (Y is a submetacentric(More)
Repetitive DNA sequences constitute a high fraction of eukaryotic genomes and are considered a key component for the chromosome and karyotype evolution. For a better understanding of their evolutionary role in beetles, we examined the chromosomes of 5 species of the genus Coprophanaeus by C-banding, fluorochrome staining CMA₃/DA/DAPI, and fluorescence in(More)
The genus Phanaeus is included in the tribe Phanaeini, one of the most diverse tribes within the subfamily Scarabaeinae in terms of chromosomal characteristics. However, so far the species of this genus were not studied with differential cytogenetic techniques, limiting any inference of the probable mechanisms responsible for this diversity. In this work,(More)
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