Amanda O'Carroll

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The stimulation by noradrenaline (NA) of inositol phospholipid (PI) breakdown has been studied using rat hippocampal miniprisms. Pretreatment with the monoamine oxidase inhibitor, pargyline, potentiated the stimulation produced by NA. On the other hand, pargyline pretreatment did not affect the stimulation of PI breakdown by the alpha 1-adrenoceptor agonist(More)
Synaptosomal gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) uptake has been used as a biochemical marker for GABAergic terminals in controls and Alzheimer disease brains. Use of this marker suggests a large (ca. 70%) loss of cortical and hippocampal GABA terminals in Alzheimer brain. To explain this observation we suggest that neuron loss in this disorder occurs via a(More)
The deamination of dopamine has been studied in seven regions of human brain. Both A and B forms of the enzyme were found to be active towards this substrate. The ratio of activities of MAO-A: MAO-B was found to vary considerably from brain region to brain region, from about 1:1 for the cerebral and cerebellar cortex to about 1:2 for the pons and medulla(More)
Synaptosomal D-aspartate has been used as a marker for glutamate neurons in control and in postmortem Alzheimer's disease brains. This technique shows a marked (60%) decrease of the glutamate uptake site in cortical and hippocampal regions. There were no significant changes in subcortical regions. We interpret these results as indicating loss of, or damage(More)
OBJECTIVES This study compared the profile of intentional drug overdoses (IDOs) presenting to emergency departments in Ireland and in the Western Trust Area of Northern Ireland between 2007 and 2012. Specifically the study aimed to compare characteristics of the patients involved, to explore the factors associated with repeated IDO and to report the(More)
The selective monoamine oxidase inhibitors clorgyline and (?)-deprenyl were used to study the distribution of monoamine oxidase-A and -B (MAO-A, MAO-B) activities towards (?)-noradrenaline and (+),(?)-adrenaline in homogenates from seven different regions of human brain. The activities towards 5-hydroxytryptamine and 2-phenethylamine, which are essentially(More)
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