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Wapl protein regulates binding of the cohesin complex to chromosomes during interphase and helps remove cohesin from chromosomes at mitosis. We isolated a dominant mutation in wapl (wapl(AG)) in a screen for mutations that counteract silencing mediated by an engrailed Polycomb-group response element. wapl(AG) hemizygotes die as pharate adults and have an(More)
This paper discusses an efficient approach to statically compute a WCET that is " soft " rather than " hard ". The goal of most timing analysis is to determine a guaranteed WCET; however this execution time may be far above the actual distribution of observed execution times. A WCET estimate that bounds the execution time 99% of the time may be more useful(More)
Polycomb group response elements (PRE) are cis-regulatory elements that bind Polycomb group proteins. We are studying a 181-bp PRE from the Drosophilaengrailed gene. This PRE causes pairing-sensitive silencing of mini-white in transgenes. Here we show that the 181-bp PRE also represses mini-white expression in flies with only one copy of the transgene. To(More)
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