Amanda Noyes

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Circadian rhythms and levels of wheelrunning were studied in thyroidectomized, parathyroidectomized, thyro-parathyroidectomized, and sham-operated male rats. Animals were entrained to a 12:12 light:dark schedule, then exposed to constant dim red illumination, and then given a diet containing lithium. Under constant conditions, free-running circadian(More)
Polycomb group response elements (PRE) are cis-regulatory elements that bind Polycomb group proteins. We are studying a 181-bp PRE from the Drosophilaengrailed gene. This PRE causes pairing-sensitive silencing of mini-white in transgenes. Here we show that the 181-bp PRE also represses mini-white expression in flies with only one copy of the transgene. To(More)
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