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AIM Theta-burst stimulation (TBS) is a lower intensity, high-frequency repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation technique developed recently for quantifying and modulating cerebral cortical function. Nearly all published studies have involved adults. The aim of this study was to obtain safety data as a basis for evaluating potential risks versus(More)
In an Australian Aboriginal community, 65% of all people examined had clinical evidence of pathology in the ear drum or middle ear, but active ear disease was found mainly in children. In most people, both ears showed similar clinical changes. Clinical nutritional status and hygienic factors did not correlate with the presence of ear disease. Some(More)
*-This paper presents the benefits and challenges in the encoding and delivery of variable bitrate (VBR) MPEG video. The network resources required to transmit stored variable rate MPEG can be reduced by properly analyzing and smoothing the video stream before transmission. A scheduling technique is presented which selects a traffic contract for a(More)
One hundred and sixty-three Australian Aboriginals, who were aged from four months to 60 years, were examined clinically and otologically. Audiometric tests were completed on 110 of these subjects. On the assumptions that the aural health of these people has remained stable for many years, the cross-sectional data which were obtained have been used to infer(More)