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Estimation of the concentration of a specific protein in a biological sample often is obtained by analysis of immunoblots. We used this technique to estimate the concentration of three proteins present in homogenates of brain: glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP), myelin basic protein (MBP), and synapsin I. Homogenates prepared from rat brains known to(More)
Norway rats (Rattus norvegicus) living in urban environments are a critical public health and economic problem, particularly in urban slums where residents are at a higher risk for rat borne diseases, yet convenient methods to quantitatively assess population sizes are lacking. We evaluated track plates as a method to determine rat distribution and relative(More)
SUMMARY windex is a package developed for the R statistical environment to provide novel tools for the analysis of convergent evolution. The recently described Wheatsheaf index provides quantitative measures of the strength of convergence and opens up new possibilities for exploring this evolutionary phenomenon. The windex package allows implementation of(More)
Transferrin (TF), a major plasma protein, binds and transports ferric iron. Evidence exists for unique roles for TF in brain in oligodendrocyte differentiation, myelination and neuronal development. In this study, 5' flanking regions of the TF gene important in regulating gene expression were identified by transfected cell studies and a comparison of 5'(More)
The Norway or brown rat (Rattus norvegicus) is among the most ubiquitous of rodents. However, the lack of studies describing Norway rat populations from tropical areas have limited our understanding regarding their demography and seasonal dynamics. In this study, we describe seasonal pattern in the abundance, reproductive parameters, and morphometrics of(More)
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