Amanda Marie Knapp

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Transient transfection studies of human HepG2 and mouse Hepa hepatocarcinoma cells with a reporter gene construct regulated by a human antioxidant responsive element (ARE) from the NQO1 gene demonstrated that the element is responsive to low oxygen conditions. The antioxidant N-acetyl L-cysteine (NAC) strongly inhibited basal aerobic reporter gene activity(More)
We investigated the penetration of Lucifer Yellow into human and murine epidermis in 4-mm punch biopsies by incubation in dye solution. Lucifer Yellow was taken up freely by the dermis but penetrated only slightly into keratinocytes of the basal and suprabasal layers. However, progressive lateral diffusion was observed in the lowest layers of the stratum(More)
Numerous scholars have pointed to positive associations between student perceptions of instructor credibility and student outcomes (i.e., cognitive learning, higher motivation, and increased willingness to participate in and out of class); however, their
Multicellular tumour spheroids are cellular aggregates that can be prepared from many types of tumour cells. These three-dimensional structures provide a model for analysing the effects of cell-cell contact and intercellular microenvironments on phenomena such as autocrine regulation of growth factor synthesis. Autoregulation of the synthesis of(More)
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