Amanda Magnusson

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A comparative study of the gastrointestinal blood loss during intake of a new buffered acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) preparation and plain ASA tablets has been performed. A modified radioactive chromium method was used. The 51Cr activity was considerably less than that used in previous methods, and no feces homogenization was necessary. The study was performed(More)
AIM This study investigated space-time clustering of neonatal necrotising enterocolitis over three decades. METHODS Space-time clustering analyses objects that are grouped by a specific place and time. The Knox test and Kulldorff's scan statistic were used to analyse space-time clusters in 808 children diagnosed with necrotising enterocolitis in a(More)
The absorption of a quartenary (propantheline, 30 mg) and a tetiary (1-hyoscyamine, 0.8 mg) anticholinergic compound was studied in 8 healthy volunteers by measuring the effects on salivation. Both compounds were administered as rapidly disintegrating tablets, 1-hyoscyamine also in a slow-release formulation (Egazil Durules). The three preparations and(More)
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