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Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is a neurological disorder that is thought to involve decreased iron availability in the brain. Iron is required for oxidative metabolism and plays a critical role in redox reactions in mitochondria. The recent discovery of mitochondrial ferritin (FtMt) provided the opportunity to identify a potential correlation between iron(More)
BACKGROUND Iron status is higher in the substantia nigra than in other brain regions but can fluctuate as function of diet and genetics and disease. Of particular note is the compartmentalization of the iron-enrichment in this region; the pars reticulata contains higher levels of stainable iron as compared to the pars compacta. The latter area is where the(More)
Iron and mitochondrial dysfunction are important in many neurodegenerative diseases. Several iron transport proteins have been identified that are associated with mitochondria, most recently mitochondrial ferritin. Here we describe the cellular distribution of mitochondrial ferritin in multiple regions of the brain in C57/BL6 mice. Mitochondrial ferritin(More)
Extinction and reinforcement contingencies were used to treat 2 children with feeding disorders. Positive reinforcement and avoidance extinction effectively increased food acceptance but also increased food expulsion. Reduced expulsion and increased swallowing were achieved by repeated presentation of expelled food, a second extinction component
Welding has been associated with neurobehavioral disorders. Welding fumes contain several metals including copper (Cu), manganese (Mn), and iron (Fe) that may interact to influence welding-related neurotoxicity. Although welding-related airborne Fe levels are about 10-fold higher than Mn, previous studies have focused on Mn and its accumulation in the basal(More)
Weeds produce seed under a wide range of conditions, depending on timing of emergence, prevailing crop, soil microsites, and climatic conditions, among other factors. We hypothesized that the maturation environment during weed seed development will influence reproductive allocation and seed persistence traits, such as seed dormancy and vigor, and needs to(More)
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