Amanda M. McDougald Scott

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Plants and some types of bacteria demonstrate an elegant means to capitalize on the superabundance of solar energy that reaches our planet with their energy conversion process called photosynthesis. Seeking to harness Nature's optimization of this process, we have devised a biomimetic photonic energy conversion system that makes use of the photoactive(More)
Photosynthesis is the process by which Nature coordinates a tandem of protein complexes of impressive complexity that function to harness staggering amounts of solar energy on a global scale. Advances in biochemistry and nanotechnology have provided tools to isolate and manipulate the individual components of this process, thus opening a door to a new class(More)
Despite increases in the scientific evidence for a variety of medical treatments, a gap remains in the adoption of best medical practices. This manuscript describes a process for adapting published summary guides from comparative effectiveness research to render them concise, targeted to audience, and easily actionable; and a strategy for disseminating such(More)
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