Amanda M. Marsh

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A key rate-limiting step in the adaptive immune response at peripheral challenge sites is the transmission of antigen signals to T cells in regional lymph nodes. Recent evidence suggests that specialized dendritic cells (DC) fulfill this surveillance function in the resting state, but their relatively slow turnover in most peripheral tissues brings into(More)
Dendritic cells (DC) were purified by flow cytometry from rat tracheal mucosa; they exhibited the phenotypic characteristics of immature DC including high endocytic activity, low CD80/86 expression, and in vitro responsiveness to a broad range of CC chemokines. Daily treatment of adult rats with the selective CCR1 and CCR5 antagonist Met-RANTES reduced(More)
Soft tissue lateral neck radiography was used in 22 male patients older than 60 yr, to determine the cause of pharyngeal airway obstruction during anaesthesia, before and after insertion of a Guedel airway. In six of the patients, the airway was radiologically and clinically clear with the head in the neutral position. Nine patients showed obstruction of(More)
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