Amanda Loewy

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Cell-cell interactions are of critical importance during neural development, particularly since the migration of neural cells and the establishment of functional interactions between growing axons and their target cells has been suggested to depend upon cell recognition processes. Neurone-neurone adhesion has been well studied in vitro, and is mediated in(More)
Previous studies have reported that the cell-binding region of the neural cell adhesion molecule (N-CAM) resides in a 65,000-D amino-terminal fragment designated Frl (Cunningham, B. A., S. Hoffman, U. Rutishauser, J. J. Hemperly, and G. M. Edelman, 1983, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 80:3116-3120). We have reported the presence of two functional domains in(More)
The presence of an implanted pacemaker is widely regarded as an absolute contraindication to magnetic resonance (MR) imaging; however, this viewpoint is based largely on safety concerns in the 1982-1996 period. Since 1996, changes in pacemaker electronics including decreased ferromagnetic content, increased sophistication of the circuitry, and onboard(More)
Alphavirus genomes encode a small hydrophobic protein of 6 kDa (the 6K protein) that is expressed as part of a large polyprotein containing the sequences of the two virus transmembranal glycoproteins which form the spikes of the infectious particle. Although made in amounts equivalent to those of the glycoproteins, very little of the 6K protein is found in(More)
aus dem Vorderlappen, mul~ seinen Grund in den Beziehungen beider Lappen zueinander haben, T h a o n (zitiert nach B i e d I) mSchte annehmen, dal3 sich das yore Vorder]appen bereitete Sekret in den Follikeln ansammel*, die mit dem Hinterlappen abgetrennt und verarbeitet werden. Wie ich glaube, geht aus der Beobachtung des Verhi~ltnisses der(More)
nieht etwa einer sp~teren Umsehmelzung nnterwor/ea worden sind. I~hre Erstarrungsgeschichte hat sich jedenfa~'ls ohne Gegenwart ei, nes starken anisotropen Se.hwere/eldes abgespielt. Im s.el.'ben Sinne, wenngleieh nieht derart kTal~, kann das A~tr.eten vo~ TroilR(u~n,d Tro,ili~-Chromit-) Knolten in meteorisehem Nickeleisen ged.eutet werden. Diese Xnollen(More)