Amanda L Vasquez

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The use of processed bone allograft to repair large osseous defects of the skull has been limited, given that it lacks the osteogenic cellularity and intrinsic vascular supply which are essential elements for successful graft healing and, at the same time, the areas to be targeted through tissue-engineering applications. In this study, we investigated the(More)
Interleukin 2 (IL-2) and B-cell growth factors I and II (BCGF I and BCGF II) are lymphokines produced by T cells that play a major role in T- and B-cell cooperation. Peripheral blood lymphocytes from 12 uremic patients undergoing intermittent hemodialysis were tested for their capacity to produce IL-2 and BCGFs and to respond to these soluble mediators.(More)
Sexual assault history is associated with higher risk of problem drinking and drug use in women, yet little is known about mechanisms linking trauma histories in general to women's drinking or drug use problems. This study examined how various types of trauma, substance use coping, and PTSD relate to past-year problem drinking and drug use in women who(More)
This study examined sexual risk behaviors and sexual refusal assertiveness in relationship to child sexual abuse, emotion dysregulation, and adult sexual revictimization. Path analyses of 1,094 survivors who had sex in the past year were done to examine sexual risk behavior and sexual refusal assertiveness mediational pathways by which child sexual abuse(More)
Antibodies against sulfoglucuronosyl glycosphingolipids (SGGLs) are known to be present in sera of patients with chronic polyneuropathy associated with IgM paraproteinemia. We recently studied rats sensitized with sulfoglucuronosyl paragloboside (SGPG), a major SGGL species, emulsified with keyhold limpet hemocyanin and Freund's adjuvant. The titer of the(More)
An interview study of 15 sexual assault survivors' narratives examined positive and negative post-assault experiences with mental health professionals. Survivors who told one professional had more positive experiences than those who told multiple professionals. Qualitative analyses revealed how help seeking experiences were related to the context and nature(More)
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