Amanda L Norton

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Urinary tract infections were documented in 28 (39%) of 71 dogs receiving long-term corticosteroid therapy for chronic skin diseases. There were no significant differences regarding alternate-day versus daily corticosteroid administration, corticosteroid dosage, or duration of therapy when data for the infected and noninfected groups were compared. A(More)
Six months after cataract extraction, a 71-year-old man had cystoid macular edema confirmed by fluorescein angiography. Microscopic examination revealed cystoid spaces in the outer plexiform and outer nuclear layer of the neurosensory retina. Chronic inflammatory cells were scattered throughout the ciliary body. Inflammatory cells were also present in a(More)
BACKGROUND Despite the current evidence of preventive screening effectiveness, rates of breast, cervical, and colorectal cancer in the United States fall below national targets. We evaluated the efficacy and feasibility of combining practice facilitation and academic detailing quality improvement (QI) strategies to help primary care practices increase(More)
Advantages of IDST for diagnosis of atopy and selection of antigens for hyposensitization include the following: 1. The test is widely accepted by clients. 2. The clinician can select individual test allergens based on the patient history and geographic location. 3. It has been the standard for diagnosing atopy in the dog for more than 40 years.(More)
Objective SUNY Upstate Medical University entered a contract with Health Research, Inc. and the New York State Department of Health to implement an intervention using academic detailing and practice facilitation to increase colorectal cancer screening rates within primary care practices, and to assess the outcomes and barriers to intervention success. The(More)
There are certain pathological features common to all forms of conjunctivitis. Essentially these are the fundamental characteristics of inflammation: hyperaemia, stasis, cellular exudate, and a fibrin-rich oedematous fluid, added to the reaction of the conjunctival tissues themselves. However, when a fibrin-rich exudate is formed on the surface of the(More)
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