Amanda L. Moreira

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Parasite-containing endocytic vacuoles are formed during the process of in vitro interiorization of the trypomastigote forms of Trypanosoma cruzi by primary culture of mouse fibroblasts, heart and skeletal muscle cells. Fusion of these vacuoles with host cell lysosomes takes place. The process of T. cruzi-muscle cell interaction was analysed by(More)
Vulvovaginal candidiasis (VVC) is a disease caused by the abnormal growth of yeast-like fungi in the mucosa of the female genital tract. Candida albicans is the principal etiological agent involved in VVC, but reports have shown an increase in the prevalence of Candida non-C. albicans (CNCA) cases, which complicates VVC treatment because CNCA does not(More)
Drug combination therapy is a current trend to treat complex diseases. Many benefits are expected from this strategy, such as cytotoxicity decrease, retardation of resistant strains development, and activity increment. This study evaluated in vitro combination between an innovative thiosemicarbazone molecule - BZTS with miltefosine, a drug already(More)
Recebido a 7 de setembro de 2013; aceite a 13 de setembro de 2013 Disponível na Internet a 24 de janeiro de 2014 PALAVRAS-CHAVE Equipa multidisciplinar; Processo de decisão; Normas de orientação clínicas; Recomendações; Informação do doente Resumo A decisão médica tomada em equipas multidisciplinares é uma mais-valia indiscutível para o doente e para a(More)
The process of interaction of bloodstream trypomastigotes from the myotropic CL and Colombiana strains and the macrophagotropic Y strain of Trypanosoma cruzi with mouse myoblasts and myotubes was analysed. After 24 h of parasite-host cell interaction, parasites from the CL and Colombiana strains appeared to be more infective to myoblasts than those from the(More)
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