Amanda L Kundrat

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The diagnosis of cancer is devastating to the patient as well as to the formal and informal relationship support networks of the individual who must now cope with the disease. This article highlights the significant interpersonal communication and relationship issues that affect the overall quality of life for an older individual who has been diagnosed with(More)
This study explored the impact invisible illness has on identity, specifically contextual age, throughout the life span. It was grounded in the assumption that an individual's identity is formed through communicative interaction. Using social identity theory (Tajfel & Turner, 1986) as a framework, individuals' identities after disclosure of invisible(More)
People in the United States report positive attitudes toward organ donation (OD); however there is a disjoint between pro-donation attitudes and declared-donor status. OD campaigns promote family discussions to increase donor status and compliance with OD wishes. Unfortunately, the discourse processes involved in family OD discussions have not been(More)
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