Amanda L Grigg

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BACKGROUND The 5 choice serial reaction time task (5CSRTT) is commonly used to assess attention in rodents. We sought to develop a variant of the 5CSRTT that would speed training to objective success criteria, and to test whether this variant could determine attention capability in each subject. NEW METHOD Fisher 344 rats were trained to perform a variant(More)
Like other monoamine releasers such as D-amphetamine, chronic treatment with phenmetrazine can attenuate cocaine self-administration in monkeys. The present studies extended this finding to rodents and to cocaine-primed reinstatement, a putative laboratory animal model of relapse. In experiment 1, rats self-administered food pellets or injections of 0.19(More)
BACKGROUND Both acute and chronic pain result in a number of behavioral symptoms in patients, including cognitive effects such as decreased attention and working memory. Intraperitoneal administration of dilute lactic acid in rodents has been used to induce abdominal inflammation and produce effects in behavioral assays of both sensory-discriminative and(More)
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