Amanda L Fisher

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The internal and external vertebral venous plexuses (VVP) extend the length of the vertebral column. Authoritative sources state that these veins are devoid of valves, permitting bidirectional blood flow and facilitating the hematogenous spread of malignant tumors that have venous connections with these plexuses. The aim of this investigation was to(More)
Brain mapping was used to investigate the ability of young and elderly female listeners to attend to /ga/ syllabic events at one ear in the presence of speech babble competition at the opposite ear. An oddball stimulus presentation paradigm was used to record the N1 and P2 components of the late auditory evoked potential (LAEP) from 19 scalp locations. With(More)
PURPOSE Conventional CT has been shown to have wide variability in measured CT attenuation, both temporally within the same scanner and between different scanners. Many radiologists have raised the concern that the increased noise and multiple variables associated with helical CT may lead to degradation in resolution, specifically causing errors in CT(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was designed to evaluate the utility of the routine use of high spatial frequency algorithms and higher order helical interpolators for imaging lung parenchyma during routine thoracic CT. SUBJECTS AND METHODS We evaluated 50 consecutive patients undergoing clinically indicated thoracic CT using the same imaging parameters and scanner.(More)
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