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Consensus statement there may be considerable rewards, individual fame or national prestige associated with winning, not only for the athlete but for the coach and his or her entourage. These competitions also represent important showgrounds for young athletes; in some sports, this is often where talented athletes are identifi ed for a future professional(More)
INTRODUCTION The introduction of 80-hour workweek limitations has challenged resident training programs with creative scheduling while maintaining comprehensive training experiences. The work hour restrictions may be more adaptable to a medical service, but have been very challenging to an academic surgical program. The particular challenges include(More)
Nursing is known to be stressful. Stress detrimentally can influence job satisfaction, psychological well-being, and physical health. There is a need for increased understanding of the stress that nurses experience and how best to manage it. Three hundred twenty Australian acute care public hospital nurses participated in a study by completing four(More)
OBJECTIVES Describe inter-rater reliability of, and correlations between a novel method of isometric knee extension and flexion and eccentric knee flexion strength using hand-held dynamometry and isokinetic testing for flexion/extension in the knees of athletic participants. Document strength data normalized to the individual's limb muscle mass. DESIGN(More)
The aim of this paper was to review the literature on factors related to role stress in nurses, and present strategies for addressing this issue based on the findings of this review while considering potential areas for development and research. Computerized databases were searched as well as hand searching of articles in order to conduct this review. This(More)
Concurrent to reports of zoonotic and nosocomial transmission of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in veterinary settings, recent evidence indicates that the environment in veterinary hospitals may be a potential source of MRSA. The present report is a cross-sectional study to determine the prevalence of MRSA on specific human and animal(More)
BACKGROUND Previous research has identified international and cultural differences in nurses' workplace stress and coping responses. We hypothesised an association between problem-focused coping and improved health, emotion-focused coping with reduced health, and more frequent workplace stress with reduced health. OBJECTIVES Test the above hypotheses with(More)
In this article, the benefits of using the arts and humanities as teaching and learning strategies are explored. Their contribution to undergraduate nursing curricula, as a means of promoting a deeper understanding of the experiences of loss, suffering and death, cannot be undervalued. They need to be present equally alongside the physical and social(More)
The need for improved communication around end-of-life issues has been identified in cancer care. However, caregivers assisting those with dementia have been given scant attention. This study investigated the application of a new dementia information booklet for family caregivers, accessing those that were both community-based and linked to a residential(More)
The increasing burden of chronic disease demands that palliative care clinicians address the needs of patients with non-malignant disease. This discussion document seeks to address some of the challenges to providing palliative care for end-stage dementia (ESD) and the need for skill enhancement in key providers of care. In spite of the intent, there is an(More)