Amanda J Shelley

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BACKGROUND The hair pull test lacks validation and has unclear pretest guidelines. OBJECTIVE We sought to quantify normal hair pull test values and elucidate the effect of pretest hair washing and brushing. The impact of hair texture and lifestyle was also examined. METHODS Participants (n = 181) completed a questionnaire recording demographics,(More)
The association between isotretinoin and atypical wound healing remains controversial. It is common practice to delay elective procedures for 6 to 24 months after oral isotretinoin therapy. The studies supporting common practices (SCP) recommend extending this period to include the 6 to 24 months preceding treatment. The opposing studies (challenging common(More)
INTRODUCTION The clitoral photoplethysmograph (CPP) is a relatively new device used to measure changes in clitoral blood volume (CBV); however, its construct validity has not yet been evaluated. AIM To evaluate the discriminant and convergent validity of the CPP. For discriminant validity, CBV responses should differ between sexual and nonsexual emotional(More)
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