Amanda J. Neville

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STUDY QUESTION What are the long term trends in the total (live births, fetal deaths, and terminations of pregnancy for fetal anomaly) and live birth prevalence of neural tube defects (NTD) in Europe, where many countries have issued recommendations for folic acid supplementation but a policy for mandatory folic acid fortification of food does not exist? (More)
OBJECTIVE To test previous signals of a risk of orofacial cleft (OC) and clubfoot with exposure to the antiepileptic lamotrigine, and to investigate risk of other congenital anomalies (CA). METHODS This was a population-based case-malformed control study based on 21 EUROCAT CA registries covering 10.1 million births (1995-2011), including births to 2005(More)
INTRODUCTION Research on associations between medication use during pregnancy and congenital anomalies is significative for assessing the safe use of a medicine in pregnancy. Congenital anomaly (CA) registries do not have optimal information on medicine exposure, in contrast to prescription databases. Linkage of prescription databases to the CA registries(More)
BACKGROUND Hypospadias is a common congenital malformation. The prevalence of hypospadias has a large geographical variation, and recent studies have reported both increasing and decreasing temporal trends. It is unclear whether hypospadias prevalence is associated with maternal age. AIM To analyze the prevalence and trends of total hypospadias, isolated(More)
BACKGROUND To investigate the relationship between changes in serum PSA, palliative response and survival following systemic treatment for symptomatic hormone-refractory prostate cancer (HRPC). PATIENTS AND METHODS A retrospective review of 161 patients, treated with mitoxantrone and prednisone (M + P) (n = 80), or prednisone alone (P) (n = 81) from a(More)
OBJECTIVES To explore utilisation patterns of asthma medication before, during and after pregnancy as recorded in seven European population-based databases. DESIGN A descriptive drug utilisation study. SETTING 7 electronic healthcare databases in Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Italy (Emilia Romagna and Tuscany), Wales, and the Clinical Practice(More)
  • H I Robins, W L Longo, +4 authors C Riggs
  • 1988
Lonidamine is a dechlorinated derivative of indazole-3-carboxylic acid which preclinically synergizes with hyperthermia. Clinically, this nonmyelosuppressive drug (given p.o. daily) is active as a single agent in a variety of malignancies. On this basis, a Phase I study which incorporates a drug escalation schema as well as an escalation in temperature,(More)
AIM To explore antidiabetic medicine prescribing to women before, during and after pregnancy in different regions of Europe. METHODS A common protocol was implemented across seven databases in Denmark, Norway, The Netherlands, Italy (Emilia Romagna/Tuscany), Wales and the rest of the UK. Women with a pregnancy starting and ending between 2004 and 2010,(More)
AIMS To evaluate congenital anomaly (CA)-medication exposure associations produced by the new EUROmediCAT signal detection system and determine which require further investigation. METHODS Data from 15 EUROCAT registries (1995-2011) with medication exposures at the chemical substance (5th level of Anatomic Therapeutic Chemical classification) and chemical(More)
OBJECTIVES  To provide contemporary estimates of the prevalence of microcephaly in Europe, determine if the diagnosis of microcephaly is consistent across Europe, and evaluate whether changes in prevalence would be detected using the current European surveillance performed by EUROCAT (the European Surveillance of Congenital Anomalies). DESIGN (More)
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