Amanda J Bishop

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The purpose of this study was to determine how health impairment, socioeconomic status, and social support relate to life satisfaction in later life. Using data from a sample of 320 older adults from The Georgia Centenarian Study, we constructed a structural model of life satisfaction. LISREL analysis was performed to test a two-factor model that included(More)
BACKGROUND The detection of psychological problems of black African people has been found to be substantially lower, compared with white British and black Caribbean people. This may be due to differences in patients' perceptions of illness. Little research has been carried out on factors that may influence the help-seeking behaviour of black Africans. (More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study is to investigate the impact of changing the conventional threat-before-efficacy order of threat messages on the persuasiveness of a leaflet informing women smokers of the link between smoking and cervical cancer. DESIGN The study used a between-groups design in which women smokers were sequentially allocated to one of(More)
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